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Dream Visa (DV) is an Immigration and student visa firm which advise, support and assist clients to prepare visa applications through certified immigration partners and lawyers. DV Immigration has risen up out of the want to assist and offers encounters with individuals who, similar to us, the fantasy of coming to Canada and the U.S. Regardless of whether it’s studying, working or moving, we can help you legally with according to your profile and will show the best choices and contacts required. As a partner in good standing with the several immigration consultancy firms, registered as Dream Visa Co is a group of dedicated professionals committed to taking care of your Canada and USA immigration needs. Whether you are looking to become a permanent resident, or if you would like to any kind of visa to come to Canada and USA, let our experienced professionals take care of the complex immigration process for you.

Our Vision

  • DV is an immigration and international student recruitment agency. We value to serve and assist customers from around the globe to get legally immigration status and access excellent education. DV offers a wide variety of services to address all your concerns and inquiries and help candidates to find the right way to migrate legally. We are in partnership with various lawyers and immigration consultancy agencies and different universities and colleges in order to advise and help our customers from first step to final stage.
  • DV is committed to present you with the most detailed information required before making the final decision and introduces the most suitable programs, institutes, colleges and universities for you to choose from. Our responsible team supports you through the whole process of application from first stage, taking suitable visas, settling in Canada and the U.S after landing, and even finding a relevant job after moving.

Our Mission

Our professional team are recognized for their great work and are motivated to keep up the excellent spirit of loving to help clients and enhancing their professional and educational experiences in Canada and USA, as they are well aware of the fact that a high standard skills , education quality and the right atmosphere are crucial to the success of our clients. DV’s most important commitment is to create a strong understanding of its clients based on mutual trust and hence spares no effort in supporting them, realizing their goals and dreams, and leading them to live, work and study in a legal and proper way.


  1. Professional Team of immigration agencies and partners.
  2. Legal advices from immigration layers.
  3. Integrity, honesty, and accountability.
  4. Using cutting-edge technology to contact with clients and update them cautiously.

Our Services

Education Services

Dream Visa Co was established on the mission that every student deserves an outstanding education.

Dream Visa Co will help you if :
• You are a student and looking for study in undergraduate and graduate levels in Canada and the U.S.
• You would like to study English language in Canadian and the U.S schools.
• You are a college or university, enrolling international students study permit and student visa. We will get admission, student visa, arrival services, and accommodation legally and lawfully.


We provide the full range of services to assist Canadian citizens and permanent residents to bring their foreign family members to travel and or live in Canada.

Our FS Services:
• Spousal Sponsorship
• Common-law partner sponsorships
• Parental sponsorships
• Child sponsorships
• Super visas


The advent of the Express Entry system has added a new layer of complexity onto Canada’s already complicated immigration system. Our immigration partners have been developed an in-depth expertise in setting up E.E. profiles and assisting successful registrants to apply for permanent residence including:
• Express Entry profiles
• Provincial Nomination applications
• Skilled Worker applications
• Canadian Experience Class applications
• Labor Market Impact Assessments


Entering Canada for temporary purposes generally, requires first making a detailed application to an immigration office in order to be issued a temporary resident visa. We have extensive expertise assisting those who wish to enter Canada temporarily in order to work, study, or visit.
• Temporary Resident Visas
• Study Permits
• Super Visas
• Work Permits
• Labor Market Impact Assessment (LIMA)


Extending a permanent resident card for a further five years can be a complex undertaking. We work with team members and partners who have years of experience with highly complicated P.R. card renewal cases, bringing our clients a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry.
• Regular P.R. card renewals
• P.R. card renewals on exceptional or H&C grounds
• Residency Appeals


• Permanent residents of Canada who have fulfilled the requirements to apply for citizenship will benefit from the expert guidance of our office and partners to best ensure the quick success of their application. Our Immigration Partners have years of experience dealing with highly complex citizenship matters and offer unparalleled expertise to those applying for Canadian citizenship.
• Citizenship applications
• Residency Questionnaires
• Citizenship interviews
• Citizenship Appeals & revocation matters.


• If you are an immigrant and student recruiters or agencies, We will shake your hand as a partner.
• If you are interested to work with us as an immigrant and student recruiter agency or individually, it’s very straight forward. We have partners from all around the world who are helping people to have better life and higher quality of education. We would be happy to hear more from you and start a long-term cooperation. We are welcoming to all immigrant recruiters legally from Tunisia, GCC countries, Kurdistan (Rojava, Bashour, Bakour, Rojhelat), Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Korea, Japan, China, Mexico and Africa continent, Iraq, Syria, Turkey.

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